Angie just started her oral chemo treatment a few days ago. There are some side effects like a rash that covers the body and fatigue. She knows that there could be worse side effects, but it doesn’t make it any easier. It is so hard for a women to not look right or like themselves. I know Angie still looks beautiful but my heart is aching for her pain, both physically and mentally. She is going to have to find strength through the Lord to help her everyday. There are hundreds that are fasting and praying for her. My son fasted last week that Angie would not have to do the traditional chemo treatments. He is 12 years old. He didn’t want her to have to lose her hair and was worried about her if she did. Angie has amazing, thick, beautiful hair. On Sunday when it was Fast Sunday, he stood up and bore his testimony that God had answered his prayers and his aunt could take another form of treatment and won’t have to lose her hair. I started bawling because his faith and prayers were answered. If we all pray together, a miracle can happen to my beautiful sister.

Cancer is so crappy!! It is not my sister’s fault she got cancer. She didn’t do anything wrong to get it, in fact she did most things right to not get it. It  is hard to understand why people have to suffer through trials when they don’t usually “deserve” them. (A great talk for this is by Spencer W. Kimball call Tragedy and Destiny-youtube it.)  She has always been very healthy, especially compared to the american standard diet. This blog isn’t to ever make her feel stressed or guilty about not doing any of these things before. It is all about taking each day she is ready and making a shift or change to just give the body the best chance it can have at fighting these lousy cancer cells. I do believe the body is amazing. I believe in western medicine and the amazing doctors who do everything they can and know to fight it.  I also believe that supplements, nutrition, and getting toxins out can help more than we realize. Most doctors only take maybe one semester class on nutrition and it is pretty outdated on what they have learned. They are fantastic doctors of medicine, but not necessarily nutrition. We would all be in trouble if we didn’t have the ability to have access to both worlds of thought. I am so grateful for modern medicine, but I am also so grateful for nutrition research and the power of herbs, whole foods, essential oils, and more. Together they can be a powerhouse at fighting disease, especially cancer.

I texted Angie the other day while she was at Costco. She noticed that they now sell coconut flour. She was asking me if I ever use it and the answer is YES! Coconut is such a superfood. It is one of my favorite foods on this earth because of it’s many uses. I use organic, extra virgin coconut oil every single day, including on my body and face. I will have a whole post about the uses of coconut oil later. I do buy mine at Costco because it is a great price and brand. I wanted to give Angie a few recipes for coconut flour to start with though so she can use her new purchase.

Coconut flour is very dense. It soaks up all the moisture in whatever your cooking. It works great if your trying to make a white sauce or a gravy in the place of regular flour. When you bake with it, you really should find a recipe that has been made for coconut flour instead of substituting it in for a regular grain flour without adjusting the moisture in the recipe. It just makes a difference in the ratio of liquid to flour when using this dense flour.  Also, keep in mind these will taste different and the texture will be different than when your using regular all purpose flour or wheat flour. It takes time to adjust your taste and the feel to these new kinds of gluten free flours, but the benefits of coconut flour outweighs the difference. After time, your taste buds change and you learn to love these new foods and new ways to bake. I need to do a post about gluten. I believe that everyone should take gluten out of their diets and even most grains because of their anti-nutrients and what we have learned in the last 10 years about leaky gut and effects of these grains. This is why coconut flour and almond flour are great alternatives to start to try and get into your cooking.


Here is a recipe from Kristen’s blog: They are for a muffin that is kind of like a corn muffin. They are really good with some grass-fed butter (Kerrygold) melted over it.



Here is a recipe from http://www.don’teatwheat.com for a good coconut flour pancake recipe. There may some ingredients that you haven’t heard of. If you have a wheat grinder, you can use it to grind white or brown rice in it and make your own rice flour. Rice flour makes awesome crepes.  Once you get some of the common ingredients, like xantham gum and potato starch, you will be able to make a lot more gluten and dairy free recipes that taste really good. This blog has the best breads, treats, and breakfast foods that my whole family LOVES!! I never get any complaints, which can be hard when your family is so used to eating wheat and baking with those flours. I don’t think all her recipes are as clean as they can be because they replace gluten with other fillers, but they are still healthier than having gluten and commercial dairy and a good transition blog. Everything taste really good on her site.


This blog uses a lot of coconut and almond flour because it is a paleo blog. That basically means no grains or legumes. He has some pretty good recipes, especially the coconut shrimp recipe. Here is his blog page and recipes with coconut flour.  http://civilizedcavemancooking.com/?s=coconut+flour