Good fats are so important. That is one of the biggest changes I have made to my diet this past year. I try and fill my plate every meal with good fats. I don’t hesitate to pour it on my steamed veggies or salads. I don’t think twice eating the fat on my meat, but only if it is grass-fed organic meat. I have noticed that I sleep better, my skin is not as dry, my hair is growing quicker and has more shine to it. My nails don’t have those white spots on them anymore. I believe this is really attributed to eating good fats! They help your hormones. Eating good fats also help your blood sugar to regulate. It helps you not have sugar cravings and feel satisfied and full so you don’t need to snack. Everyone try a little fat today!! I focus on making sure fat is in every meal, along with the highest nutrient foods I can get in me. Your body will feel calmer if you do.

Here is the link to help Angie Eller beat this dang cancer!!

Also, if your still not sure about this butter thing because you were like me and raised in the no-fat generation, where we replaced everything with low fat and nonfat and then all became fat because of the sugar. Here is a great article for you to think about.