This is my baby. She is a fashion diva. I thought I would share just one of many outfits she comes up with everyday.
This is my baby. She is a fashion diva. I thought I would share just one of many outfits she comes up with everyday.

The Perfect Health Diet

Is there such a thing? I have been experimenting this last year with eating grass-fed meats, re-introducing grass-fed butter and more coconut fat into my diet. I have tried to still get as many greens, nuts and seeds as I can into me everyday. I have tried some intermittent fasting, different workouts, you name it. All of this, because I know what you eat and how you move does effect the way you feel and how you perform everyday. It affects how we treat our spouses, kids, and friends because it affects our mood and energy levels. It can make our brain productive and help to us to accomplish tasks everyday. It helps us from not being sick and have energy. It makes a difference to how we digest, absorb, eliminate food (poop), and how we sleep. We have a choice everyday to decide what we are going to feed these incredible bodies that Heaven Father has given us. I have come to the conclusion, that EVERYONE is different. Everyone’s bodies need different things, even though there are some basic fundamentals that are healthy for everyone. What I need on a certain day, may be different than what my husband needs on that same day, depending on what workout, work schedule, sleep, and activities we have that day. I believe there really isn’t a perfect diet that fits everyone, but this the is closest diet that I have come up with for my family. I am not perfect but strive to eat this way. This is from a book titled “The Perfect Health Diet” by Paul Jaminet and Shou-Ching Jaminet.(Both are PH.D.’s)

I believe that the Perfect Health Diet is right for me. It is about 65% plant food and 35% meats and oils, when you go by weight. If you go by calories then you want low to moderate-carb (20%), high-fat (65%), a moderate-protein (15%). The perfect diet should provide a sufficiency of every nutrient and deliver no toxins, ad no excess nutrients for pathogens. The goal is to get as close to this diet as you can. It is not about being perfect, heaven knows that I am not. You want vitality and to prevent and in some cases cure, the common diseases of aging like autoimmune diseases, fatigue, acid reflux, and even graying hair (which I am hoping for), and many more. Here are some guidelines that I am striving to obtain in my life. This may be too much for some, but it could be worth trying and seeing how YOU feel on such a diet. I personally improved my vision, weight, hair, skin, brain fog, mood, sleep, and energy when I started changing the way I ate. It didn’t happen overnight and I am still hoping to keep improving. I would like to share the changes that I have noticed in my family.

We rarely get sick as a family and I haven’t had to have any of my kids on antibotics for years. My kids have never had a cavity and we haven’t had to see a doctor, besides wellness visits for the last four years. We still get colds and weird viruses sometimes. We still are working on Isaac’s headaches and my kids eczema but it is all improving and getting better. When my kids do get a virus, it seems to move quickly, like in 24 hours and then their immune system has taken care of it. I just say this because it used to not be that way. When my older kids were babies, we ate the SAD(Standard American Diet) diet. We were always at the doctor with fevers, ear infections, stomach flues, you name it. I personally was starting to develop all kinds of problems. My hormones were all out of whack and I slept horrible. I thought I was pre-menapausal. I had bad acne in college and took medication for it and my hair didn’t grow like it does now. I also improved my eyesight and have went from wearing contacts and glasses to not having to wear anything. I have more energy than I used to have. I haven’t ever missed a day of work in the last 8 years for being sick. There are many small changes I have noticed like my fingernails growing quickly and my skin tone improving. I have experienced what eating right can do for me and my family. I know the difference between the way we used to eat and how we eat now. I have a testimony of the importance of eating good food and how it can truly change the health of you and your family. Here is what the “Perfect Health Diet” looks like:

1.Elliminating Processed foods:I think we can all agree that processed foods are not good for us, any of us. This is the common ground with Paleo, Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw, low carb, high fat, and whatever other labeled diet there is out there. Processed foods are generally any food that has a label on it and comes in a box or packaging. It has a long list of ingredients, was made in a factory and yes, that your great grandma would not recognize as a food. Stop and think about food before you buy it. A Gogurt has sugar as the second ingredient after milk, along with Blue#1 or Red#40. It is full of artifical flavors and colors and it is not a real food. Also, don’t get tricked into buying processed foods because they have pictures of barns on them or say “Natural.” Marketing is very sneaky and deceiving. Breakfast cereal is a processed food. Breads, pastries, chips, crackers-all processed foods. Anything that can sit on a shelf without going bad is a processed food. When trying to avoid processed foods, instead of thinking about everything you can’t have, try and focus on all the REAL food you can have everyday and crowd out the bad. It is always better to make things homemade if you really are craving something and almost always there is a healthier version of that food you can make that will far out way the health benefits of buying that packaged product at the store.

2. Avoid pasturied milk, but Do eat fermented or fatty dairy foods if you do ok with Dairy. There really isn’t arguments if you do your research. Unless you have fermented dairy- I would avoid dairy for the most part. Have you every studied how cows are treated and fed in the commercial market? Those cows are given hormones to increase milk flow, fed GMO grains, which have all kinds of digestive issues for the cow, live in its own feces, and have so much inflammation in the milk, yes that means pus, that they are given antibiotics to try and stop all the infections the cows are getting. This all goes into your milk. Within the watery fraction of milk are dissolved biologically active cow hormones and potentially allergenic proteins. Fatty and fermented dairy foods are safer. Raw milk proteins are more easily digested than pasteurized milk proteins. If you insist on milk, you need to buy organic milk at the very least and raw milk from a reliable source, meaning you research and check it out, before you drink it. It causes inflammation in our bodies, which in turn causes a lot of other problems. There is some great benefits to cultured dairy, like homemade yogurt, Kiefer, and even some raw ice cream once in awhile. I would be very careful about the source though and go on a good 30 detox of no dairy, then reintroduce it back in your diet to see if your body does better without it. Again, everyone is different so you may be fine with dairy, where someone else has side effects like digestive issues, headaches or horrible acne.

3. Do NOT eat:
1.Grains and cereals (including wheat, oats, and corn but excluding rice) or any products made from them. (including bread and pasta)
2. Sugar, corn syrup, or products containing them (soda, sweets).
3. Legumes (such as soybeans, kidney beans, pinto beans, or peanuts).
4. Omega-6-rich vegetable seeds oils, (such as soybean oil, corn oil, safflower oil, peanut oil, or canola oil)

(I am not perfect at this, but we are striving to make our diet follow these guidelines and seeing great benefits with Isaac’s headaches. Many people may do ok with some grains and legumes, if prepared properly, but I would definitely think about getting rid of gluten at the very least.)

4. Supplement to optimize nutrition.
I am still learning about supplementing. I wish we could get everything from our food, but we just can’t these days. Our soil is too depleted. Our food has so much less nutrition than it did 20 years ago. We have these mass crops, sprayed with round-up and seeds that are genetically modified. From what I have studied lately, we need to supplement with Vitamin C, D3, and K2. A good multivitamin is a good idea if you can find a good source, not a cheap Costco brand. I also think we need to supplement with the minerals that our foods are deficient in like Magnesium, selenium, iodine, copper, and chromium. You may need to work with your doctor on these so that you get the right balance. I am still working on getting all of these into my diet. Everyday I take a mineral supplement that includes those minerals I mentioned above. I take Vitamin C and D3. I am still trying to find a good K2 source and learning about it. Maybe my brother has some good imput on K2. I do take a fish oil supplement(NewChapter WholeMega),a very high quality fish oil and I rotate that with the Green Pasture’s Butter, Cod-liver Oil blend. I hear a lot of different opinions about supplements but all agree that you want to get all you can from your food sources first, then look at supplementing. My goal is to eat more sardines so at that point, I may not have to take fish oil anymore.

There is so much more I could write about, but maybe that can give you all a few things to think about and look at your own diet. None of us are perfect and shouldn’t feel guilt when we don’t eat perfectly. The goal is to always learn, improve and then take some action on what you have learned. I have also learned to be open to new research and just give things a try and see how your body feels and does after eating certain foods. Everyone is different so your diet may be unique to fit your needs. Take the time to do some research and see what really makes sense for your family.