I am a little obsessed with this topic because I think it is so important. I don’t get embarrassed at all when I talk about it and love when I have an award winning poop. This interesting thing that I have noticed over the years as I have cleaned up my diet is I don’t have gas anymore since I cut out most grains and when I poop, it doesn’t smell that bad. Crazy huh! Well, I ordered my first Squatty Potty this morning and can’t wait for it to arrive. I thought I would share this great video by Megan Telpner. I have her book and loved it. She has some great plant based recipes and ideas in her book, which I have on my shelf. Besides, I love how cute her and her husband are. She has a great blog and website with fun videos and great ideas. Thought I would share these fantastic tips with you all. Happy Wednesday to you all, especially Angie. LOVE you sister!!