Here is a quick reference guide for which foods are ok to buy without it being organic. I have read that Papaya’s are GMO if from Hawaii so you still have to watch out for that. I just noticed yesterday that Walmart has started to carry organic potatoes and celery. Hopefully if we buy organic, the stores will provide more options for us. I try really hard to get the foods on this list organic or just not buy them. It really is that important. We are overwhelmed with toxins with everything in our food, air, lotions, beauty products, toothpaste, deodorants, plastics, phones, microwaves, and I could go on. We need to help our body to detox all this crap!! Buying organic on these items is one less toxin the body has to try and filter through besides it just makes us more toxic and then our body can’t fight what it needs to fight. This is the best time of year to buy organic, especially if you can find some great farmer’s markets or grow a little garden. We have been able to eat lettuce from our garden all week and the radishes are almost ready. We also had our first big bowl of strawberries from our garden. Enjoy all the great foods in season and look local, organic, and in season whenever possible.