Here is the recipe:

One gallon of Raw Milk, from a trusted source.

2 tsp of gelatin per jar, I use Radiant Life.

2-4 TBS of yogurt for each quart size jar.

Heat milk to 110-115 degrees and then remove from stove, pour into 4 quart jars. Add gelaton to each jar and then whisk until completely dissolved. Add 2-4 TBS of organic plain greek yogurt to each jar. I like Trader Joe’s Organic whole fat, plain yogurt or Nancy’s has a great plain greek yogurt. Then I put my jar in the oven, with the oven light on for at least 8 hour but can leave it anywhere to 24 hours. I usually do around 12 hours. When you remove from oven, let cool completely and then refrigerate. When you open the jar, you can pour the whey off the top before mixing up, so that the yogurt is thicker. Here are a few other sites that have recipes for homemade yogurt. If you don’t have a Raw source, use an organic milk and you can heat up to 160 degrees. Everything else is the same. If usually is thicker than the raw, so you may want to use just the 2 tsp of gelatin.

Here is a great blog, that goes into a lot of detail about making homemade yogurt. It takes a little experimenting, but is a great way to save money, get more nutrition, and enjoy some of the bacterial benefits of fermented raw dairy.