This was at Angie’s 40th birthday party in Idaho. It was so great to be with her.

Angie, I hope you had a great week. A local radio station in California helped to raise money for Angie and her family to go to Disneyland. That is so awesome. People are so good. I am grateful for all of those who are praying for my sweet sister. So many of my friends don’t even know her, yet continually have her in their prayers. It is humbling and beautiful to see the good in so many. Hopefully I will get some photos soon to share with you all.

This morning I wanted something that tasted really delicious and refreshing, but also started my day off on the right foot. I usually always think: Plants, good fats, and small amount of protein and then think what I should make to satisfy all those needs plus taste good. I was feeling like this smoothie today and it turned out awesome. It almost taste like a dessert and one I don’t have to feel any guilt about.

Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie

This makes two quart jars. I made one for Adam to take to the church with him. He rarely has any time to eat, so he can at least drink this down pretty quickly between seeing people.

2 cups coconut milk. (I use trader’s Joes light coconut milk-I like the price and it’s still pretty thick. Also no BPA in can)
2 cups good water
2 scoops chocolate protein powder-find a clean source. I used Sara Godfriends brand this morning. It taste really good and also has a lot of vitamins added to the powder.
1 scoop of fiber
1 large handful of parsley, probably about a cup. Parsley is wonderful for pulling metals out and detoxing. Same with Cilantro. You could also use just 1-2 cups of any greens you have available or a cucumber and celery.
1 cup of organic strawberries. I luckily have a garden that is full of these right now. I don’t cut the green stems off, just wash and toss in.
1 Tbs upgraded mct oil, or you can use coconut oil
1 tsp organic vanilla
1/2 dropper full of chocolate raspberry stevia drops
1 Tbs of Maca powder-optional
1 tsp of sprillina powder– optional
2 handfuls of ice cubes

With all my smoothies, you can substitute ingredients and just play with them. There is no wrong way of doing it. You will feel great and you can still make it taste fantastic. If you don’t want any fructose to start out your day, just eliminate the strawberries. It still taste great.