Angie’s family is actually in Disneyland this week and from her photos, they are having an amazing time. They have rode on a private jet, got to take a tour of the Walt Disney Set and many more exclusive events. I love that they get this opportunity. Angie has worked so hard for the last 20 years providing for her family, that they never got to experience these kind of vacations and stress-free time together. Thank you again for all those that made this trip happen for her family. What a blessing!! Angie looks so great in the photos.
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This is a super simple idea for everyone to start doing first thing in the morning.I actually grew up with my mom doing something similar to this and did not realize the power behind it. I try and do this everyday. Right when I wake up, I turn on my electric water pot and start warming up some water, while I squeeze one lemon into a glass mason jar. I add a dash of cayenne pepper into the juice, then fill it up with warm water. I drink this quart of lemon juice, on an empty stomach. So simple, yet such a powerful way to start your morning. If you can just sit and relax as you do this and take a few moments before you have to rush out the door, this also help you eliminate in the morning. Yes, that means it can help you poop in the morning. So important!!

Lemon helps your liver detox. So that means that all the toxins that you take in everyday, through the air, skin, water, and food are filtered in the liver and then hopefully we either sweat, poop or pee them out. Not very scientific, but that is basically the only ways we can get all the crap out.

You also want to always use glass when using lemon oil or lemon juice. It is such a strong detoxifier that it will pull the toxins out of the plastic and you will be drinking them. So, an easy solution is to use glass mason jars. We use them for all our smoothies and water bottles. They are just in the canning section of your grocery store. I also use stainless steel or glass straws that you can order on amazon. I feel a little fancy when I use my glass straw and for some reason it makes it more fun to drink. My kids agree but they have broke a few a them over the years so I have them use stainless steel straws now.