Our Mom came and stayed the weekend with me this past weekend. It was great having her. My Dad passed away in March so she has had a hard time being by herself and not feeling lonely. She has been a wonderful mother. She tells it how it is and makes us all laugh. She is so hard working and has completely dedicated her life to her family. I asked her to share some memories of Angie with us today on this blog. Somethings she says may make you think about how our words affect one another, like the mom that told my sister she needed to lose weight. We are keeping it real here! Angie, we all love you. I think Mom’s stories show how determined and strong you are. You have overcame obstacles that were really hard. It shows your resilience and strength. The end of some of those stories that mom didn’t mention is that you became the mascot of Bonneville High School and everyone loved you. You also were a valedictorian and a wonderful piano player. You excelled in college as well and became successful in anything you put your mind to. You overcame your struggle with running and have ran several half marathons and marathons with really fast times. I think some of those struggles were meant to make you strong enough to handle the one your fighting now. You will overcome this trial like you have for so many before. Love you lady!!!