Got to set the record straight. I talked to Angie and she did say that she only threw up on a few races and only came in last a few times. She actually ended up doing really well in cross country. I can tell you she can outrun all the rest of us 8 kids. It is a little funny how we all remember things a little differently than others. If anything, this again show you how determined and hard working Angie is.

I wanted to get back to you on the heart stew. It was seriously Good!! You could use heart or liver. The key to doing this for our family is that I cut it up in little pieces and basically hid it with the grass fed ground beef. My family all ate it, without complaints and even had seconds. You can substitute the coconut aminos for gluten free soy sauce and also can trade out any veggies you want to use, even though the leeks and fennel give it a great flavor. This recipe is from an excellent blog. Here is the link to the recipe with instructions and pictures. I hope you give it a try. This will be a regular meal at my house during these winter months. Soups and stews are such a great way to get broth and veggies in everyone.