Ok, so I absolutely HATE liver. I have bought it many times trying to find a recipe or a way that I could eat it more and still like it. I came across Liz Wolf’s blog and thought this raw liver smoothie was worth a try. By the way, the best way so far is still just hiding a very small amount in any ground hamburger recipe or swallowing desiccated liver tablets. They are just like horse pills though so they are hard to swallow for me and my kids. You can cut them in half but they crumble a bit so that is one reason why I was still pursuing a better way. Besides, I think the actual food is the best way of getting your body to absorb all the nutrients of the food.

This was a very quick way to get it in, but I just had the worst liver aftertaste!! I promised myself that I would try it one more time without letting the liver thaw out this time. If it doesn’t change the aftertaste, then I have failed again and will probably just feed the liver to my chickens, which I have done many times before.

Here is the recipe:

1/4 frozen strawberries
2 frozen squares of organic raw liver
just enough water to cover your blades.

Here is the blog post with more details if your brave enough to try this: http://realfoodliz.com/the-raw-liver-smoothie-shot/

Blend well, drink the shot! As you can see from my video, Mya didn’t mind this at all. So maybe I didn’t fail completely. Just a few reminders of why we should eat liver.
1. High in vitamins A, D, E, K, B12
2. High in Folic Acid
3. High in minerals like copper and iron

All these things help the body to elliminate toxins. Here is a great article on liver’s benefits from Kris Kresser:http://chriskresser.com/natures-most-potent-superfood

Angie, if you or anyone else actually tries this, send me a video and I would love to share it with everyone on here.