So I made a video and just when I was about finished, my phone rang. So, this automatically stops the video and cuts me off. Instead of re-doing the video, I will just sum up the details of roasting tomatoes on here.

one cup of cashews- soak for at least 4 hours in filtered water
Drain and rinse
add 4 cups of filtered water
add vanilla stevia drops or 1 tbs pure maple syrup or 1 tbs raw honey- blend and enjoy!

If your picky, strain before pouring into glass pitcher and keeping in fridge

Cashew milk is a great, easy alternative to making almond milk or another nut or seed milk. You don’t have to strain or use a nut bag like you do with almond milk. There will be just a little grit, but definitely not a necessary step, unless this bugs you. It only takes a second to pour your blender full of creamy cashew milk through a metal strainer and into a glass container for your fridge. Just to clarify when someone is new to using these milk alternatives. Most of the time, you are not going to want to just pour a glass of these milks and drink them up. It isn’t the same as raw dairy and has a different flavor, but they work amazing in any recipe that calls for cows milk. They also are great in granola’s or to dip your healthy cookies into. Be open to trying new things and letting your taste buds change. This has happened to me over and over again with things that I never thought I would like and am now loving!!!

I also just give you a quick and easy way to use up some of the awesome tomatoes that are in season right now. This is the way my family uses and eats all our tomatoes. They are amazing but you have to be patient. It takes a good couple of hours, roasting them at 350 in the oven. If you turn your heat higher, just watch them after about 45-60 minutes. They can burn pretty quick once the liquid is gone. If there is too much steam from the water in the tomatoes, then sometimes I roll up a towel and crack the oven door open a little with the towel so the steam can escape. This speeds up the process a little because it dries them out quicker. It is basically like making your own sun dried tomatoes.


Slice tomatoes and place on a large cookie sheet.
drizzle avocado, coconut, or bacon grease over tomatoes. (you want a high heat cooking oil-never use vegetable or canola oil-these cause major inflammation in the body)
sprinkle a great sea salt. I like Real Salt or Hymilian salt.
Basil or any Italian herb is also awesome to sprinkle on your tomatoes.

Cook in oven, I do 350 for a few hours. Just set it in and set your timer and forget about it. After a few hours, you have to just keep checking them until there is no more liquid on your cookie sheet and they are pretty dried out without burning. They still taste great if you want to try them a little before they are dried out. It takes some patience to wait for these beauties. We all just eat these off the cookie sheet like candy. Then I store the rest in the fridge and add to any meal we are eating. They are just full of flavor.


I LOVE you and am thinking and praying for you everyday. Please don’t do too much or over stress your body. This is the time for healing. I know how ambitious you are!! I have some great yoga videos and tips that I will share in the next few days. I believe yoga can be very healing to our body so if you haven’t tried it, now is the time. Your amazing and our bodies are absolutely meant to be able to heal themselves if it’s God’s will and we do our part. Have a fantastic weekend!!