This weekend I listened to a wellness summit put on by Dr. Josh Axe. It was really informative and I loved learning all the different ways we can bring wellness into our lives. One of the speakers really stuck out because, he has cancer. He was given 4 weeks to live and now it has been 4 years that he has been fighting and changing how his body gets well. I think about my sister everyday and anything that I can possible share with her or any of you that have cancer or have a love one that has cancer that I think it is worth posting here. I know everyone has their own stories and experiences, but we can all learn from each other and maybe do things differently because they feel right to your soul when you learn about them. I wish I could post the exact talk I heard, but since I can not I did find one on YouTube by Dr. Majors. It is worth it to listen to his story and hear how he is living with cancer and beating it!