Here are some photos from our Halloween party. Adam and I dressed up 80’s style. Adam had an awesome mullet and even did the “worm” for everyone. I was totally impressed! We had a dance at our church and all dressed up for my birthday. Did I mention that I am now 37? Time seems to just fly by. I had a fantastic birthday at Lagoon for Frightmares on Saturday and partied all night with my friends and hubby at the dance on Friday. I will share a few photos here. I had to share the one of me eating sardines for my dinner while watching the Zombie show. I am seriously amazed that I am actually really liking them and love how convenient they are to travel with. Anyways, we had some of our closest friends come down and spend the weekend with us, which made it even more special for me.







Since Halloween is tomorrow, I thought I would share with you a wonderful recipe for the sweet tooth and all the holiday JUNK that will be coming around constantly for the next few months.

I realize I am addicted to sugar and have really been working on it this past year. Adding good fats into my diet everyday has been truly the key to not craving sweets so often and changing myself to more of a fat burner than a sugar burner. I still love to have my own treats and make them at home. I think it helps me not feel deprived when everyone else is eating all the treats that are surrounding us, even though they really never tempt me. I don’t like how they make me feel and I just know more so I feel like that knowledge is power. I believe that a treat can even be an amazingly way to eat healing herbs and super foods. This recipe qualifies for that and I made it up today. It was fantastic and very rich. You only can eat a few pieces, which says a lot coming from me. I used my silicone trays, but you could use ice cube trays or even just pour in a 8×8 glass pan and cut squares out.

1 cup almond butter. You could use any nut butter or even Tahini would work great
1 cup grass-fed butter or coconut oil
1 Tbs cinnamon
1 Tbs Maca powder
1 Tbs tumeric
1 little pinch of cayenne (optional)
2 Tbs of raw honey
5-10 drops of liquid stevia, vanilla cream is what I used today
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 cup of cocoa

Melt all your ingredients together on low heat over the stove. You really just need everything melted together and mixed well. Pour into your silicone trays or pan and place in freezer. Be patient because it takes a few hours to get all the way firm. This is serious good fats for you, with very little sugar. You could totally play around with this recipe. Coconut cream would make it creamier, you can add peppermint oil and make it mint chocolate fudge. Possibilities are endless. This will be my treat for Halloween tomorrow. Happy Halloween!