This recipe is going to drive a few people crazy because it is just one you have to taste and adjust to how you like it. It is awesome though because it is a great treat and gets a good dose of good saturated fat into your body. Remember coconut oil actually speeds up your metabolism, is anti-fungal and anti-viral, balances hormones and turns on your brain. Coconut oil and coconut products have changed my life!!

2 cups of coconut oil
1/2 tsp of good sea salt
1 tsp organic vanilla
2 TBS raw honey
Stevia-whatever flavor you want or plain
essential oils- peppermint is my favorite but sometimes I use the orange or tangerine oil from Ameo oils.
(Optional) a few pieces of your favorite dark chocolate. I use the Trader Joe’s 72% large dark chocolate bars.
(Optional) Collagen protein powder or grass-fed gelatin
(Optional) turmeric or cinnamon

Melt everything together and you will have to continually wisk even while pouring into silicone molds. You can also blend everything in your blender once it is melted and then pour quickly before it separates. Put it in freezer and then when frozen, pop out and keep in container or ziplock bag in freezer.