This at a Live Nativity here in Bluffdale, Utah. It was amazing to help bring in the spirit of Christmas.

I know the holidays are here. This is an especially trying time for many of us with using our willpower to not indulge in all the treats that are delivered to our door or are at the neighborhood parties. I think I read that the average weight gained is 5-7 lbs. over the holidays. It’s not really about the weight for me, not that I want to gain weight though! It’s about the inflammation and how it suppresses the immune system that I think about. Do I want my kids to have a greater chance of getting sick and not being able to enjoy the holidays? That is some of the things I think about. Here are a few things that I use that have really helped me.

The biggest things I think about with food, even desserts are does it contain anything that could cause inflammation to my body like bad oils, like canola or vegtable oil, is it full of refined sugars and flours, and does it contain gluten? Most desserts contain all three of those unless you make them yourself or have some wonderful friends that are just like you. I like to bring my own dessert. When I am asked to bring a dessert to either a church function or a party, my easy go too is just a plate of cut up fruit. If I know there will be people there who are gluten free or would appreciate something a little healthier, then I have some of my favorite blogs for cleaner desserts, like or that help me whip something lovely up. Remember that always making it yourself with REAL ingredients is ALWAYS better than something in a box from the store. The ingredient list will go from 75 to about 8 when you do that. I also make sure I am not hungry when I go. Have good fats, healthy protein, and veggies with my meal before I go. If they are eating dinner, you need to make sure you have something healthy you can bring for you or just eat a little something, even a smoothie before you go. I also think we need to let go of worrying about what others will think about you. I am sure that many people in my neighborhood think I am weird. Honestly, I am ok with that. Different isn’t a bad thing and maybe you will help influence those that are searching for something better in their lives. Anyone that truly loves you, won’t care you didn’t eat their chocolate chip cookies. Besides, once they know you are trying to clean up your diet, they should stop trying to temp you. Biggest take away is always be prepared, keep nuts and dark chocolate in your purse or even some organic jerky for any emergencies. Bring a big salad to share so you know you can at least eat that if nothing else clean is there. Maybe make this easy grab and go dessert next time your headed out to the party.

Here is a dessert that I can have anytime and it is so easy! I can bring this with me to any party and just eat this while others are eating their desserts.

1 bowl of organic frozen berries- I get mine from Costco.
2 spoonfuls of coconut cream. If you don’t have a Trader Joes, watch quick video for an alternative to coconut cream.
sprinkle with cinnimon and some xyletol or a few drops of vanilla cream stevia.

Heat 1 bowl of berries on stove with 2 tbs of grassfed butter or ghee, then add coconut cream and vanilla stevia when berries are melted and hot.

So easy!