Happy New Year!! I am feeling hopeful and excited for the New Year. There has been many lesson’s learned from this past one. Life on this earth is hard. I know that is the way it is suppose to be, but just didn’t realize how hard it can be at times. I know I am very blessed but it is so hard to see the ones you love suffer or lose someone you love. I have felt my Heavenly Father’s arms around me this year. I know Angie has as well, along with my Dad who has passed. He is watching over us and with us at times when we need him. I have faith and believe in miracles. I also believe in the will of the Lord and trusting in him and the process. I believe in prayer and the power of the Priesthood. I believe in blessings and when keeping the covenants made in the temple, I know there are more blessing that we receive than we even realize. I am ready for the New Year! I will be pondering what my goals will be and how I can try and improve myself and the lives of the ones I love this next few weeks. I thought I would share a few photos from our Christmas. It was a lovely holiday time this year. I felt more grateful than normal, I guess because I have learned some valuable lessons this year about not taking life for granted. I hope your holidays were wonderful as well. My kids got an opportunity to give all their bikes to a family that just came here from Africa. They actually saw their Dad killed in the gangs and fighting that is going on in their country. They escaped to Kenya and got into a program that is here in Utah. They literally have nothing and so 8 families in our neighborhood took them Christmas plus just basic living essentials. Santa wrote my kids a letter to tell them how proud he was of them. He also brought them all new bikes for being so willing to give their bike to a child who has never even had one. This was one of the best parts about our Christmas. We also had ugly sweater parties, concerts at Temple Square, presents, Santa, and even the Grinch visited this year.











New Year’s Goal- No Gluten???

Some of my friends have been thinking about trying out the gluten free way of eating for this New Year. I thought I would share some recipes and a few things to think about. It is a great idea to go 100% gluten free for 30 days and then have one day where you go all out with the gluten. Observe how you feel and test your body to see if it likes the way it felt when you cut it out of your diet. It seems overwhelming but truthfully, it’s not that hard once you commit. If you do it correctly, by not just replacing junk with gluten-free junk, you will really improve your health.

I just wanted to share some information to those out there that are debating whither to try a gluten-free diet or not. I was raised on whole wheat. Everything my mom made was whole wheat. I have this amazing mom who ground her own wheat and made about 6 loaves of homemade bread every Saturday growing up. We had homemade pancakes every Saturday and most everything we ate had some kind of wheat in it. I know that wheat is in the scriptures as the staff of life. It is hard to wrap your mind around why we wouldn’t eat it anymore if we have been for hundreds of years and for all the faithful people out there, it is in the bible. I felt the same way a few years ago, but was on a journey to figure out why my son got so many migraines. This has caused me to study MANY doctors who have done endless research on the effects of gluten on everyone.

I currently don’t eat gluten. I do not have Celiac disease or have been diagnosed with gluten sensitivity but I know that what we as Americans have done to wheat has changed the food and what we have done to our own gut biome or bacteria in our guts has changed completely over the last ten years. Genetically Modified foods, pesticides, chemicals in the air, water, beauty products, and foods have all changed the bacteria in our guts. So wither it is because wheat is hyberized and totally different than acient wheat or because we just can’t digest wheat gluten anymore, we need to look at this ingredient more closely. It may be causing more problems that your aware of. It may just be worth doing a self test. If you go to this article by Dr. Tom Obryan you will find out why this is something to take seriously. There is a wonderful podcast at this link you can listen too.

Also this is my favorite Gluten Free breakfast blog. She is a great blog when your just starting out because she has almost any food that you are used to eating, but made gluten free. She has great information on the ingredients and then all have turned out really good. She is also dairy free so I like that as well. The crepes and german pancakes are our family’s favorites.


Take care this week sis! We are fortunate to get to go on a cruise through Adam’s work. It is our one trip every year where I get Adam all to myself. I just can’t wait. I have some great books ready to read and can’t wait to sit out in the sun and get some Vitamin D.