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All these photos make me happy. When we get to spend time with the ones we love, go on vacations, laugh with best friends, sing, act silly, and even put your swimming suit on wrong, all can make me happy. I have been struggling with what to post the last few weeks. I think it is because Angie had a set back with the cancer and it just made me depressed. It wasn’t as if I was giving up on her or her cancer. It was just that nothing seemed important enough to share with others. No recipe, or tip just seemed to feel right. I wanted to share something with all of you that would help give you hope in your own trials and make a difference in your day. I am not sure this blog always does that, but I do know that life is too short and we all don’t know when we are done here. I feel like we are here to help each other. It is about just doing your best, even when life is hard and speed bumps come sometimes when your not ready for them, but you just slow down and take one at a time. Today, I just wanted to share a few simple stragies to become happier everyday.

1. Gratitude Journal

I know this isn’t a new concept but it needs to be talked about again. I have been writing in my little journal every night just three things I was grateful for that happened that day. It takes me less than a minute and has had a major impact on me. Somedays, I am just searching for what that one thing was, but I can always find something. Yesterday, it was that out of the blue, Mya kept yelling “Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom,” until I finally stopped and said “what Mya?” She then said, “I love you.” and went off jumping on the couch again like she knows she shouldn’t. It can be so simple, but something that is so easy to forget and not take that moment to thank Heavenly Father for. I realize each day how many tender mercies are given to me and how blessed I am to have the friends and family I have. Adam may have taken a minute to make the bed that day, or Ella did all her chores without being asked and left me a sweet note. Isaac made dinner or breakfast for our family or Caleb gave all his candy he got at school to a friend. Sometimes, it is just that Mya took a nap without much work and I got to just read for an hour. There are simple things that happen everyday that are blessings in our lives.

Make the time to write down 3 things you are grateful for.

2. Feed and Nourish your body

Everyone should be able to agree that what you feed your body affects how you think, act, treat others, digest foods, heal, rebuild, and sleep. Eating good food, helps your mood. Good fats help your brain work. There is all kinds of food that has been studied and actually helps your stress level, like Dark Chocolate- 72% or higher only though. If you don’t know this for yourself you NEED to test this one out. Go on a whole foods/Read foods detox for 30 days. No processed foods or added sugars, no artifical colors or additives, just real foods that nourish your body and soul. Food does make you happy! Make it REAL Food and see the happiness it can bring in the long run.

3. Meditation, breathing and spiritual upliftment.

This is also a MUST everyday. You need to take time to pray. You need to take time to breath and be outside. You need to take time to talk with your Heavenly Father and reflect on all that is good in your life. I love yoga and deep tissue work. It completely destresses me and helps me to be more calm throughout the day. Reading great books, studying your scriptures or listening to relaxing music can also uplift your soul. I often play classical music in the mornings before I wake up the kids to get myself in the right mind set before all the stress begins. I seem to also play it when my kids walk in the door. Apparently, my kids are a great source of my joy and my stress. Scents are also powerful. Peppermint oil will help you digest, wake up and focus. Lavender relaxes your mind and body. There are so many wonderful essential oils that really improve your mood just by breathing them in everyday.

Angie is doing great, being positive and fighting the fight everyday. We all love her and wish we could do more to help her with this battle. She just finished radiation treatments this week. I know the Lord has a purpose for her and this illness she is fighting. She has been our teacher and our example this past year. She has influenced us all to be better and focus on what’s important in this life. Why are we here? What lives can we touch while we are here. Who can we help? I love you Angie! I hope we can all focus on small things that can bring joy and happiness into our day everyday.