This video reminds me of my courageous sister. This post today is for her. She is my hero.

This was before being diagnosed with cancer.

She cut her hair really short about a week ago, but it just kept falling out in chunks so after we were walking, we decided it was time to shave the remaining hair off.
This takes serious courage!


She looks beautiful. Her light just shines through her.


I had an amazing week in Lincoln, California with my sister Angie. I drove 10 hours with my four kiddos and my sweet mother so we could see Angie and just be with her. We took over her house and her food and my kids were noisy and busy, BUT what a gift it was for us to be with her.

When we arrived Angie had mentioned the day before that her hair was coming out in chunks from the radiation. I asked her to wait to shave it and I could help her do it. She waited and the next day we shaved her hair. She didn’t shed any tears while we were doing it. She looked beautiful and courageous. She let me take photos and some video. I knew that she would give courage to others who may be in this same situation in their own life or have a loved one that is suffering from an illness that may make her or him not feel like themselves at certain moments. I don’t know what it is like to lose your hair and have to have a visible sign to others that you have cancer, but it was easy to look at Angie and see so much more than just her hair.

As I got home today, I was looking through the photos and was amazed at my sisters smile, her eyes that light up, her beautiful body that is strong. She looked beautiful all weekend. She bought some really cute wigs for times when she wants to go out and not have anyone wonder if she has cancer. But really my favorite was when she didn’t have her wig on. She has these really cute hats and when she took them off on those rare occasions, I just marveled at her beauty. The radiation treatments are done for now and so hopefully her hair will grow back in awhile, but even if it didn’t, she would still be the most beautiful women I know. I have always looked up to her and do more now than ever.
While we were there we could observe how she constantly takes care of her kids and husband. She is always there for her family, even when she really should just be taking care of herself. She has these three amazing kids and a loving husband that adore her and count on her for everything. They need her and she needs them.

We went on long walks everyday and just talked. We went to San Francisco one day and saw Golden Gate Park, the bridges, the beach and Pier 39. We ended the day eating at The Rainforest Cafe, which the kids thought was cool. It was just a great week. I have so many wonderful photos and a video from Angie that I will be posting soon. I hope they anyone that reads this will share it with someone they love or know that is affected by cancer. I think we are here on the earth to help one another and sometimes it’s good to know you are not alone.

Thank you all for the prayers and kind words you leave me or Angie. I know that prayers are answered and the more we get on her behalf the better.