Some of you may have heard of Ghee. It is clarified butter or butter that has had the milk proteins cooked out of it. It is very simple to make and taste really great. If you have any problem with Dairy, then this is definitely worth trying as a wonderful animal fat source. Most people with dairy allergies can have butter because it is mostly just the milk fat, but there is a small amount of the protein casein that is in butter. Ghee is even more pure of casein. You can buy Ghee at most health food store, but if you have access to Kerrygold Butter than this is much more affordable and you can just make it at home. It is more important than ever to start getting some good animal fats in you. That was not a misprint. You need good, organic, grass-fed animal fats into your body to heal your gut, skin, hair, nails, joints, bones, and brain. Try is out! Just make sure you keep your eye on it. I just burned 30$ of grass-fed butter the other day because I left it for over an hour without checking on it. It depends on how much butter you use and how hot for how long to keep it on. Just do it until you notice that the white fluffy stuff in sinking to the bottom. It will start to brown, and then you know it is done.