This smoothie recipe is great for healing the gut. It is very similar to the GAPS Milkshake recipe. It provides valuable raw nutrients and beneficial fats. You always want to chew your smoothie’s a little before you swallow them to get the digestive juices flowing.

2 cups water
1 carrot
2 small organic apples
1 stick of celery
small wedge of beet
small piece of white or red cabbage
(Blend really well)
1-2 raw egg yolks from organic free range eggs
1 tbs MCT oil or coconut oil
4-5 tablespoons plain organic yogurt, or keifer
5-15 drops of vanilla or english toffee stevia
handful of ice
My kids will all drink this. If your new to smoothies and just trying to adjust your taste buds to not having everything so sweet, you can also add a frozen banana or some berries.



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