I just wanted to let you know that I have been spending a lot of time on Instagram lately. My address is denisethehealthmama if you want to follow me. I am having fun making 15 second videos and recipes so if your interested just find me there.


Update on my sister Angie and her battle with stage 4 lung cancer. She is so strong and a fighter!! She tries to have energy everyday to do the things that matter most with her family and enjoy them each day. She is very tired and still feeling nauseated at times. It is such a struggle not being able to live by her to help her more. We are so grateful for all the prayers sent her way.

I wanted to share today one of my favorite new authors and podcasters. His name is Dave Asprey and he is famous for his bulletproof coffee. He caught my eye about two years ago when he started his podcast because he was talking about things I had never heard of before like molds and toxins in the food we think to be healthy. He also is the one that helped me to start to question fats and saturated fats and how wonderful they really are for you. That was a hard one at first coming from the generation of everything being Fat Free (and just full of sugar.) That decade just ruined us! But because of him and many others we are now back to eating grass-fed meats, butter, coconut oils, and MCT oil. He has a great website and products that I use a lot in my videos and recipes.

Here is a link to his shopping list. I have read his book and just feel like there is  lot to learn from this bio-hacker.

Check him out.


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