Angie is doing good but always can use all our prayers. She is being positive and fighting everyday to be the kind of mom and wife she wants to be. She is my hero and I love her with all my heart. We have faith that she can be healed if it’s the will of our Father in Heaven. Miracles do happen. Love you Angie!

We need to get probiotic foods into our diets everyday and a good variety of them. This can seem overwhelming to make these foods at home, but they are really so simple. Besides being simple, they will save you a ton of money and also supply you will a far greater probiotic than what you can buy. I recently read a study that one fork full of sauerkraut had the same amount of probiotics as a whole bottle of a popular probiotic supplement. It is ALWAYS better to use the whole food source when it comes to supplementing our diet.  This recipe uses two different fermented drinks that you can easily make at home, well one is super easy-Beet Kavass and Kombucha isn’t hard but takes a little effort in getting a good starter, or a Scoby mushroom. That may all sound like another language so if your just starting out, go to your Whole Foods or Sprouts and buy a bottle of Organic Kombucha and Beet Kavass and give this recipe a try.

1 cup Kombucha

1 cup Beet Kavass

1/2 cup Great Lakes Grass Fed Gelatin. (I got mine on Amazon.)

2-4 tbs raw honey, or your choice of sweetener. I used Stevia drops in ours because we are currently on the GAPS diet and in the first phase where we can’t have any natural sugars yet.

You just warm your liquid and then pour in your Gelatin. It does not need to boil or get hotter than just a warm solution so you don’t kill any of the probiotics. When it is warm, the gelatin will dissolve and then you quickly pour into Silicon molds and put in fridge for 10 minutes to harden up. I usually store mine in the fridge in a glass container, but they are usually gone within a day or two. It is like your own fruit snacks. If you just want to make some for your kids and you don’t want to buy the probiotic drinks, use 1 cup 100% fruit juice and 1 cup water and omit the honey. The Gelatin is expensive, but it isn’t just regular gelatin, this is healing gelatin from grass-fed cows that is wonderful for the gut lining and all your skin, joints, hair and nails.