IMG_0661I have had some self discovery this past week. Angie, my sister who is battling stage 4 lung cancer, was told that the current chemo drug she is taking is not treating the cancer anymore. She talked with her doctors and they decided together that she was going to start regular Chemo treatments now. This is the full blown infusion of Chemo.  She was on an experimental chemo drug that was just for her kind of cancer and trying to avoid the whole body from getting the Chemo. This isn’t their last option, but the next step. Together with her husband and doctors, Angie has decided this is the next course of treatment.

I was so upset hearing about the cancer growing and just felt heart broken for her and her family. Not that I was giving up or that she still can’t beat this cancer because I BELIEVE with all my heart that she can. But, that she would have to endure the side effects that come along with the chemo. I was at the temple pondering and praying for her and I realized that what I needed to do, more than ever, is support her in ALL her decisions. This is one of the decisions you don’t take lightly and no one else can make for you. It is easier to say what you would do if it was you, but when you are the one that is diagnosed and fighting for you life, the decision may not be as clear cut as you would have thought.

I believe that if you decide to the traditional treatment for cancer with radiation and chemotherapy, then you do it with 100% belief that it is going to work! You need to visualize the chemo working and stay focused on all positive thoughts about it working. If you decided to go a more alternative, natural route, then you do that 100% with all beliefs that it will work for you and see it through. You have to follow your gut, your own inspiration and beliefs. So, I am asking all that love and pray for Angie, to pray for the chemo to work. Pray for the doctors, and pray for her to stay strong, positive, and to feel the love and support that she has all around her. No one is giving up on her and this fight with lung cancer. All we need is time, there will be a cure for lung cancer some day if not already in the process of coming forth. I am trusting my Heavenly Father knows more than us and will help Angie in this journey she is going on. I love you sister!

I wanted to share with you a few ideas on starting your day out with positive thinking.

#1. Prayer:  No matter what religion you are, praying first thing in the morning will help shift your mind to a more relaxed, positive mind frame. You can focus and give to God your worries, troubles, questions, and ask for his help knowing that he will help you get through this day. It helps me to let go of what is out of my control and have faith that he knows what I will need to learn and experience in this life.

#2. Meditation: I am talking about actually taking just a few minutes to visualize yourself doing and being what you want to be for the day. See yourself doing the very task that are asked of you or that you want to accomplish and see yourself doing it the very best you can. See yourself smiling and laughing with your kids. See yourself hugging and kissing your husband. See yourself working and being productive. If your fighting a disease, see it healing. See yourself being happy.  See what you want to be that day. I know it sounds cheesy but it works!! I have just starting doing this and it changes my own day and attitude.

#3. Journal: I have been writing just three things I am grateful for every night before I go to bed. Somedays it is harder than others, but most of the time it is easy to recognize how blessed I was that day and helps me to feel love and contentment.

#4. Set Goals: Sometimes I write them at night for the next day, or I will write them in the morning. Most of these are just small goals that will help me accomplish my big goals. They are the little accomplishments I can do each day to help me work towards my big “push” goal.

#5. Make a vision board. We just did this for family night tonight with our kids. You want to be able to look and visualize what you want to become and have. What’s important to you and how are you going to get there? Looking at this vision board, will help your mind to accomplish the tasks, steps, and goals to become those things you see.