I had the opportunity this weekend to speak at a Relief Society Conference for the LDS church. I was speaking on the Word of Wisdom for our day and Self Reliance. It was so hard for me to narrow down what I wanted to speak on because I am so passionate about how what we take into our body, really does and can make a difference to how we feel each day. I have seen it in my own life and loved ones. As I was telling everyone my story and telling them about those I love that are going through illness and sickness, I could see all the women shaking their heads. I knew every single one of those 40 sisters, either had health problems themselves or knew someone very close to them that was. After the class I had a few sisters tell me about their battle with cancer, or their loved ones battle. I had some sisters relate to me their own autoimmune health problems and hormonal problems. One sweet lady asked me if I would go into more details about my hormones and how I have been able to get them back into balance and start having regular periods again. This post is for her and her lovely daughter.

This has been my personal journey and still is my mission. I am still working on keeping my hormones balance, especially as I get older. I notice that there are a few main things I need to do to really keep things into check. Just last week, I did a 100 mile bike race. That is not normal for me to do such long endurance exercise, but I was invited by a lovely group of women that I just couldn’t say no to spending the weekend with them. I loved the whole experience, but I know my body and doing things like that, especially without a lot of training are a huge stress to my body and hormones. I actually skipped my period just during the few weeks of riding such long miles because it was such a stress to my system.  It made me realize that I need to go back to make sure I am doing all of the things I have learned and be kind to my body.

I have to be very conscious of how my body is feeling everyday and what it needs. If I wake up exhausted, then I change my workout to a long walk outside or some yoga. We also have to feed our body what it needs to rebuild and restore. The last thing is to really think about what endocrine disruptors are you putting on in and onto your body everyday. All the chemicals, fragrances, cleaners, beauty products, shampoos, hairsprays, and more are all being absorbed into our body and really do affect our hormones. I didn’t have my period for over 6 months straight just a few years ago. I was irregular for months before that. In the last year, when I put all the pieces together, I was finally able to start having my periods every month, 28 days apart. It was like a miracle since I had been to 3 different doctors over the last 6 years. They all wanted to put me on prescription medications to help but I didn’t want to go that route. I felt great, but just knew there was something I was missing. I studied and tried new things and this is what really started to help my hormones and continues to help me stay in balance.

Here are my top 10 things that have made the difference for me.

1. Adding healthy fats into my diet everyday. There are Kerrygold Grass-fed butter, organic coconut oil, avocados, and high quality animal fats-(I do this through bone broth everyday).

2. Adding grass-fed meats into my diet, especially organ meats. Here is my recipe for liver that you will actually love. I was so surprised that I like this recipe:  Liver

3. Adding wild caught fish, especially salmon and sardines into my diet every week.

4. Improving my sleep and my setting my circadian rhythm for the day. Here is my Sleeping Tips link to my blog post. You can also get a video if you sign up to be on my email list

5. Started meditating every morning, taking deep breaths and visualizing my body working well, smiling, and seeing my day in a positive way.

6. Making sure I was still getting organic vegetables into me at every meal and not eating processed foods from a package.

7. Avoid toxic cleaners and beauty products. They are so easy to make and save you a lot of money. I have lots of recipes on this site or there are tons out there.

8. Exercising everyday but not overdoing it. I love short burst training workout to get my heart rate up and burn fat. They are about 20 minutes long and then they are done. You are not over stressing your body like long cardio can do for you. The body can be very sensitive to this for some people. I am one of them. Listen to your body. I recommend doing a little yoga everyday along with some deep tissue work.

9. Don’t eat processed, refined sugar. This doesn’t mean you can’t ever have treat. We actually have them every single day at our house. I don’t want anyone to every feel deprived and I am hoping my kids will choose those over what they get when they leave my house. Be creative and use whole foods. We currently are loving our frozen berries or cherries from Costco, drizzled with some raw honey and either homemade yogurt or coconut cream on top. We also make our own homemade ice cream out of full fat coconut milk, raw honey, vanilla, and egg yolks. Just search the internet and keep them clean. Use the sweetness that nature gives you, like local fruit in it’s season.  Just watch the amount of carbohydrates your getting everyday so that your insulin isn’t getting spiked all day long.

10. Find someone you can buy eggs from that has pastured chickens. It is not expensive for what you get. Keep your yolk runny so you can really get all the nutrients in the yolk. I love to have mine on top of my salads. I fry it in a little ghee or grass fed butter and sea salt.

One other thing, start your day with a quart of filtered water, either with fresh lemon juice or 1/2-1 tsp unrefined sea salt, like a Himalayan salt. This will help feed your adrenal glands and also hydrate your body for the day. The lemon will help your liver to detox. You can do both if you like the taste. The Himalayan salt is kind of sweet so it’s not hard to drink at all.

Good luck my new friends. Be patient and consistent and love yourself. There is a wonderful book that I have read more than once. It is by Dave Asprey, called The Better Baby Book. I read it not because I was pregnant, but because it is all about helping women to prepare to have a baby and get their hormones back on track. It’s great for women struggling with infertility or even women going through menopause.