My sweet sister is in the hospital. She has been doing the infusion treatments of chemotherapy. When I talked with her yesterday morning, she was so tired she couldn’t walk her dog, which is something she does and has been doing every morning. She has been coughing a lot, which is what she did before because of the fluid in her lungs caused by the lung cancer. She unfortunately has been coughing up blood and last night she had to be admitted into the hospital for a blood transfusion. The cancer is still growing, despite the chemo treatments. They aren’t sure what to do next. I have never felt so helpless in my life. The only one to turn to now is the Lord.

I am asking all who see this to please say an extra prayer for my sister today. If you can share this post, I know there is power in prayer and we need that power. I know many of you don’t know her personally, but she is an angel. She is the most self-less, kind, patient, beautiful, smart, determined women I know. She has lived her life for her children and husband. She has done everything for them including working full-time their whole marriage and working the night shifts so she could be home with them when they needed her. She is an amazing mother and has kept her family together despite some serious challenges and trials.  She needs a miracle. I don’t know if it’s the Lords will, but if it is, will you please pray with us for her?