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July 2015

Radon Awareness

Radon is a gas that is naturally occurring in the soil. It enters buildings from the soil beneath it. The EPA estimates that there are 14,000 to 30,000 deaths each year attributed to lung cancer caused by radon inhalation. Dangerous levels of Radon is found in 1 out of 15 homes. In Utah where I live, 1 in 3 homes have dangerous levels of Radon. Radon is ranked as a Group A carcinogen, along with tobacco smoke and tobacco products. This is the highest ranking for cancer potential.

It is simple and inexpensive to get it tested.  Here is a link to order your test today. Radon Kit. I am ordering a kit to test my home here in Utah. None of us know why my sister got lung cancer, but if even one life was prevented from having to fight lung cancer, it would be worth just testing your home. Remember that you can not see or smell radon and it is the second leading cause of lung cancer, after smoking. I had no idea that this is so dangerous and so prevalent here where I live.

If you just google radon tests for your state, you will get information on how to treat this in your home if its a problem.

Angie, I love you and your beautiful smile. This photo is gorgeous of you and your sweet Brinlee. Keep fighting my sweet sister and friend. Hopefully this post can help someone else from going through what you have had to endure this past year.



BX Protocol

I received a comment that from this blog a few weeks ago that I just noticed today. She had said that Angie needs to research Bx Protocol. I googled Bx Protocol and found this website that has 19 videos on this treatment of Bx Protocol. I was blown away. I don’t know what to think but wanted to share this with Angie and anyone else that wants to do some research on this alternative cancer treatment.

Angie, I hope you will watch through them. Anything is worth a try and I will support you in everything you decide to do. There was amazing results from these videos.

Here is the link: bxprotocal

More information on how to sign up is on  this link: BX Protocol

Zyto Scan

Have you every heard of a Zyto Scan? This may be a little out there for some of you, but I would encourage you to open your mind to the possibility that it works. Because of some experience I have had in the past with Naturopaths and other holistic health doctors, I believe the body can tell you what you need. I have done bio meridian testing and muscle testing before so this is another tool like those that measure electric pulses in your body and which organ systems are being stressed. The results for me were spot on. Maybe a little embarrassing, but spot on. I had rushed off the last two mornings without my normal routine of meditation, water, reading and (do I dare say) my morning poop. Yep, I said it. I hadn’t had a bowel movement for two days, which isn’t normal for me unless I am off of my normal routine. I have always struggled with my digestion and still am trying to work on my gut so that it’s not such a struggle for me when I don’t have the perfect situation. You’ll see from my testing that it was spot on.

Here is my video with my friend Kaylee Powers. She is an expert in Ameo Essential Oils.

Let me know if you want to try this amazing Zyto Scan out for yourself.

Since I came up with digestive problems, I thought I would share the best things I know of that has helped me with the system gets backed up. Here are some suggestions to help with having good bowel movements everyday.

1. Start the day with a quart of water. I usually put 1 tsp of hymalayn Sea Salt in mine to rehydrate my cells. I also drink water with a half lemon squeezed into it. If you drink this warm it helps even more. My normal routine is water with salt, reading scriptures, prayer, meditation and if no urge has occurred, then I go do my workout. I then drink lemon water the rest of the morning until I am reading to break my fast from the night. If I haven’t gone yet, this usually does the trick when I sit down to do my emails and have that warm lemon water, which is also great for the liver.

2. Move in the morning. I love to workout in the morning. I get it done and it is great for your cortisol to get moving also. Yoga moves are especially helpful with digestion. If you do “cat” and “cow” moves and some sun salutations in the morning as part of your mediation, then that can really help. Everyone should be enjoying exercising and finding something they love to do. Walking is wonderful, HITT training, weight lifting, your favorite sport, Zumba, really you just need to move everyday.

3. Take magnesium the night before. I would dare say that everyone is deficient in magnesium because of the lack of minerals in the soil and hence in our food. Magnesium helps you sleep and relax so it’s perfect to take before bed. Magnesium Glycinate is well absorbed and you can order it with no shipping at NutriKey online. Also Magnesium Lactate is a great source because it isn’t synthetic and is a whole food option for magnesium. It is from Standard Process and you can buy it here in Sandy, Utah from Dr. Stockwell’s office.

4. Take Vitamin C in the morning and night. Vitamin C is wonderful for stress, the formation of collagen and connective tissue, immune boosting, helping with free radical damage and its used to manufacture glutathione, which the most powerful antioxidant in the body. I am trying Standard Process’s Cyrutta Plus, which is food based. Another brand that is good is by Solaray and you take 1-2 mg a day.

5. Flax Seeds- This is something that if everything else fails, will work for me and my body. I take 1-2 TBS of golden flax seeds and put them in a coffee grinder, then I pour it into 8 oz of water and mix and drink. I usually do this at night if I didn’t have a good bowel movement that day and I am guaranteed that tomorrow it will be award winning!! You can do this everyday if you really struggle with digestion. It doesn’t taste great, but you just drink it down and your done. It’s important to take this with water to really do the job were looking for it to do.

6. Put 1-2 drops of Ameo essential oil,  Gest-Calm into your morning water everyday. I just started doing this after this scan and it has been great to add to my routine.

Everything got right back on track once I realized that I needed to put all these 6 things into practice. I feel like this is an important topic and no one should be embarrassed about it. We need to be making sure that the body is getting rid of all the toxins inside of us through our poop, urine, and sweat. That’s the only way they come out, so we need to make sure everything is working right.

Update on Angie is that she is starting another round of Chemo this week. Thank you for all your prayers for her. I know they are helping her. She is an amazing women and is still fighting everyday for her life.

What Foods can heal?

I just wanted to let everyone know how Angie is doing lately. I really wish I lived closer to I could tell you a little more about how she is doing, but from our phone conversations, she is hanging in there. She was in and out of the hospital this past few weeks. She thankfully got home yesterday. They did a surgery to stop some internal bleeding. It was very scary to think about her and what she was going through, but through prayers and our Heavenly Father, she is home now. We are still praying for a miracle and believe that through the Lord all is possible if it’s his will. I know that so many of us are being changed for the better just through watching Angie go through this. Trials are what change us. It seems like such a helpless situation when it’s the ones you love and not yourself. You wish you could do more, but really that is when I realized that I can do more through my prayers and my Savior, more can be done. I know that our prayers are answered through others, so thank you to all who have been there and helped Angie and her family in so many ways. I know the doctors are guided more through our prayers. I also know that all of us that can go to the temple and put her name on the prayer roll are doing more by letting the Lord bless Angie. We love you Angie!

Recent 4th of July photo of Angie and her husband Justin.
Foods that heal the Muscular System

I have a real testimony of how food can heal the body. I know that Angie has tried her best to eat the things that support the body in all the healing that she is trying to do right now with the cancer treatments she is undergoing. I KNOW that it makes a difference.

I have seen this over and over again in my own body and also my family. Just a few examples is that when I was 30 years old. I felt like I was going thru pre-menopause. It was crazy. I was losing way too much hair, not sleeping at night, having night sweats, irregular periods, if any at all, and even started to get some gray hairs. I was wearing contacts and glasses at the time, which I had worn for about 6 years. I had skin issues and my hair was not just thinning but was breaking all the time and course. I lost the outer 1/3 of my eyebrows and was having constipation problems.  Later, I realized I was having thyroid issues even though the blood test I took told me everything was “normal” with me. Well, after changing my diet from the SAD diet, (standard American Diet) to one full of live plant foods, I started to have less of these symptoms. I was drinking green smoothies everyday, then started to add salads into my food everyday. My next step for soaking and sprouting the grains I ate and making fermented foods. After about two years, I started to notice that my eyesight was getting better, so much that I stopped wearing my contacts and glasses and still don’t to this day. I also started to sleep better and my skin and digestion was improving. I stopped losing so much hair and it started to grow faster. The only thing that wasn’t improving was my periods, so I keep researching and reading. I decided that I need to add more healthy fats into my diet and organic grass-fed meats, organ meats, pastured eggs, coconut oil and MTC oil, avocados, and even sardines. My periods started to come again and were even consistent. I have had them every month for the past year and half, which is really abnormal for me.

When I went on the GAPS diet to continue to further heal my gut, I also added many supplements from Standard Process. These are all food and plant based supplements, not synthetic vitamins. Just this last week I noticed a wart that I have had for 15 years starting to go away. That may seem so small to most people, but I have tried everything over the years to get rid of it. It was under my nail bed and after many doctor acts, shots, burns, oils, duct tape, you name it- it never would go away. It is barely there now. In just the last two weeks it has went away. I remember reading that warts are caused by mineral deficiencies. I don’t know if that’s true, but I think all the amazing supplements and bone broth I have been eating has made the difference. Now if I can just get rid of my gray hair, that would be AMAZING!

This blog post is just to get you to think about how much FOOD really does matter!!! I could go on and on about the small things that I have seen improve in my kids and husband because of what they put into their bodies everyday with their food. Sometimes you can see things instantly and others things take years to heal.  It’s not about perfection, but are you feeding your body what it needs to heal? I made this little video to tell you about all the amazing food we are blessed to eat if we choose.

Happy Birthday Angie!!

Happy 41st Birthday Angie Eller!!!

I love you more than words can say. I hope your day is filled with love and hope. It is amazing how many people are praying for you. Your such a special women. Your my hero. These are a few of the photos I could find. It is so funny to think about how big our hair was in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Wow, that was some serious work and hairspray, especially on my hair. I know some of these photos you will probably hate, but I think you looked beautiful always so just embrace it. I always wanted to be more like you.

Love you sis!

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