This video was made by Justin Eller. These were a few of their favorite songs they listened to together.

Angela Sargent Eller, our very dear wife, mother, daughter, sister, nurse and friend left us suddenly after a courageous battle with lung cancer on August 6, 2015 at the age of 41. It came more sudden that we were all prepared for.

Angie was born on July 2, 1974 to Lloyd Neil Sargent and Marilyn Horman Scoresby in Idaho Falls, Idaho. We have 8 children in our family, 4 boys and 4 girls. My mother had Bryce, Janeal, Kevin, Lorraine, and then waited 8 years and had Alan, Angie, Travis and Denise. She was named Angela because she was like an angel. She was an easy baby and had beautiful natural curly blond hair. When she was four years old she read the store names and surprised my mom that she could read. Mom asked her where she learned to read and she said from Sesame Street and Electric Company. In the parent teacher meeting in Kindergarten, her teacher told mom that Angie passed off every skill she needed to do and was wonderful except she would raise her hand and would say, “It would be better if you would say it this way.” She was very smart, right from the beginning of her life.

Angie was also born with her feet turned inward and had to wear braces on her legs and special shoes. Mom put her in dance to help her get stronger. She was a happy little girl that sang and danced all around the house. At field day in elementary school, Angie and her brother Alan came home and showed Mom and Dad their ribbons. Alan had a handful of ribbons and Angie didn’t get any even though she tried her best. Alan ran inside, erased his name off the back and wrote Angie’s name on the ribbon with the words, “For the very best sport.” Her brother Alan continued to take care and watch over her for the rest of her life. He does remember one time that he was fighting with her and she took something of his. He chased her all around the house and finally Angie said, “If you take one more step, I am going to tell mom you hit me.” Well, Alan lunged to grab her and she screamed to my mom. Alan sat on a chair in the kitchen, while Angie walked by and gave him that look of, “I told you so.” Her older brother Kevin played the guitar and Angie would sit on the bed with him and make up songs and sing together. Her older brother Bryce, remembers Angie always helping my mom with everything in the house that needed done. She was a great cleaner, hard worker, and was great helping in the kitchen as well. She would make dinner for everyone in the family. I remember her making bagels, bread sticks, and meals all from scratch when she was just a teenager. Janeal and Lorraine remember her always helping with their kids when they would visit and also going on walks together as adults.

I was her little sister, even though I was always taller and bigger than she was. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better older sister. I have plenty of memories fighting with Travis, my older brother, but not one with Angie, which seems odd really for siblings. There would be times that I would sneak in her room and wear her clothes and even once when I ruined a shirt that I borrowed. She told me not to sneak into her room, but just to ask next time and that was it. She was just a really wonderful older sister. She let me borrow her clothes, taught me about fashion and style, showed me how to do well in school, helped me with my homework, and just was there for me if I ever needed to talk. I learned all about having big hair and using a can of Aquanet to really get it to stay. She even let me come along on a few dates with her. I have many memories doing Jane Fonda with her or Cindy Crawford videos in our basement. We went on walks and runs together. These were some of our best talks and special memories for me. She really helped me through my growing up years.

In Jr. High, Angie wanted to become a cheerleader. She worked harder than anyone I know, but it just wasn’t a natural talent for her. I share this because this says a lot of about Angie. She worked every year and continued to keep trying out every year until her senior year, even when she was disappointed each year. Her Senior Year she decided that she would try out in front of the entire school to be the school mascot. My Dad helped Angie with a skit and she was chosen as the winner. It was fun to see this shy girl come alive when she was in her Bee Costume. She was determined; she never gave up, even when it wasn’t easy for her.

Another example of this was when she started to run cross- country, she came in last place most of her first year but she would not give up. Sometimes she ran so hard that she would throw up at the finish line. It was not an easy sport for her, probably because her leg and feet problem that she was born with. No one knew that though because she never used anything as an excuse. She ran every year and got better and better. My brother Travis remembers her riding her bike in the rain to train and he stopped to give her a ride, but she said she was already wet so she would finish her 30-mile ride. She never gave up on anything. By her senior year she received a huge trophy that said, “most improved runner.” Angie became a really fast runner and completed several marathons and half marathons in her later years. Angie was a talented piano player and served in callings playing the piano and organ in church. She did choir in high school and had a great voice. She also was the activity leader in student government her senior year.

After graduating from Bonneville High School as valedictorian, which she worked hard everyday for, she received an associate degree in Nursing at Ricks College. Angie was such a hard worker and always strived to do the best at everything she did. She was actually hard on herself and a perfectionist. Angie was a very caring nurse and specialized in Pediatric Intensive care and Cardiac care. She loved her job and those she worked with. She would tell me about the good friends she had at work and how much they meant to her. She loved children and babies and was excellent at helping care for their needs. She worked as a Nurse for 19 years. The support of those she worked with was amazing this last year.

Angie met Justin Thomas Eller at Ricks College and he knew he was going to marry her as soon as he saw her. It took Justin awhile to talk Angie into going on a date with him. But once she did, they dated only 3 months and got married in the Idaho Falls Temple on May 6, 1995. I remember when they were dating and how much Justin made Angie laugh.

They both graduated from Ricks College together and got their Associates Degree there. Angie graduated in the Nursing program and Justin in English Literature. They then moved to Utah and attended Utah University for three years. Angie worked at LDS hospital in the Cardiac Unit. They had their first baby there, Sienna Noel. She was a spirited baby and really broke them into being parents. She needed that strong spirit to help her get through these hard times in her life. Sienna is smart, independent, athletic, and beautiful. In 1998 they moved back to Elk Grove California for four years. Justin worked for an Insurance Marketing company and Angie worked at UC Davis Hospital. They had Camden Colby there. Angie was able to stay home more with Camden and he was definitely a mama’s boy. He was always snuggling her and wanted to be near her all the time. Camden is funny, creative, athletic, and handsome. In 2002, Justin got a job in Boise Idaho so they moved there for the next three years. Angie then worked at St. Lukes Hospital. They bought a nice home there and made some wonderful memories. They had their last beautiful baby there, Brinlee Shay. She was just like her mom as a baby. She learned to talk practically before she could walk. She is smart, kind, athletic, and beautiful.

In 2005 they moved back to California where Justin went to work with his father. They have lived in California ever since then. They lived in Roseville for 6 years and then moved to Lincoln, where they now live. Angie loved the warmer weather in California.

I know her greatest joys in life were raising her beautiful children and being a mother. One of Sienna’s favorite memories with her mom was thrift shopping together. When they would find some designer jeans, they would celebrate. Camden will always remember her mom telling them to do their best at everything they tried. He told me that she always helped him with school and helping him with homework. She knew their potential and always wanted them to work hard. Brinley remembers a special mom and daughter date where they went to lunch, then over to buy jewelry together at Charming Charlie’s and ended the day with some frozen yogurt at Menchies. They all had many special times and memories with their mom that they will never forget. Angie’s greatest joy was being a mother. She would tell me how amazing her children were and wanted them to show the world their talents. She would do anything for her children and family and sacrificed all she had for them. There were many sleepless nights after working graveyard shifts at work, that she would just sleep a few hours and then was up so she could take care of her kids. She never missed watching their games and activities, even when she should have been sleeping before her next night shift. Angie was able to make some wonderful memories this past year with her family on vacations, family reunions, and just being at the ocean together. She wanted to do everything she could everyday and not waste any time, even when she didn’t feel well. So many prayers were given in her behalf and I believe they helped her to be able to do things with her family this last year. There were prayers answered in so many ways by others.

Angie’s father in law remember when they first were married they went on a bike ride together and he had a professional road bike. Angie and Justin just had some old mountain bikes but Angie was determined to not let Colby beat her, so she stayed right up with him the whole ride. That impressed him. He also told me how she would tell him she loved him. All of Justin’s family told me how they couldn’t believe how in shape Angie was and impressed watching her run marathons, even her last one she did with half a lung. They all said she was amazing, loving, strong, patient, and hard working. Her mother in law talked about how Angie would do anything to spend time with her family. Family was everything to her. She also noticed how Angie loved babies and was always the one off to the side holding the babies in the family. Angie’s brother in law said that Angie was the strongest woman he has ever met. Angie became very close to the Eller family and loved them all. They were her family and she was one of them.

Angie was a kind, selfless, patient, wonderful person who cared about the things that mattered the most. I think Angie has had more struggles than most people have in their lifetime. Nothing seemed to be easy for her. She had to work hard at everything and overcome obstacles all throughout her life. She went through trial after trial and was really tested at times. She stayed strong through it all and endured more than most of us could bear at times. Of course, we all need to experience and overcome trials. However, a lifetime of trials was compressed into 41 years. She was strong enough to experience trials that most of us take a lifetime to endure in just half that time. We all know what an unconquerable spirit she had and the Lord knew that she could handle a lifetime of trials in such a short amount of time. She had one of the strongest spirits I knew. Over a year ago, when Angie found out she had stage 4 lung cancer, it seemed like the last person in the world that would get this kind of cancer. She had already been through so much in her short life that to endure this trial just seemed like too much. She had a long courageous battle this past year. She did everything she could to try and fight it. We believe that this life is a test. We are here to learn, be tested, change, grow, and experience what we need to so we can become more like our Heavenly Father. In Luke 22:42, the Savior himself asked our Heavenly Father, “Saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.”

We all wanted to take this cancer from Angie, but it was her test, her trial and through her sacrifice, she has taught all of us. She has reminded us of what is important and of value. She has taught us not to waste time with things that don’t matter, but spend time with those you love. She has taught us that we can do hard things and the Lord will help us through them. During this last year, I was able to text or talk to Angie every few days. We talked about how important it was to get to the temple. I told her that I was going to go to the temple every week for the both of us until she was feeling well enough to go. She made me better, because my life has been blessed by the peace the temple brings. It reminded me every week that we needed to trust in the Lord. I was able to know that the temple covenants are real and I can testify to you that we will be with Angie again. She will be with her children and Justin again. We will be an eternal family. She was able to go to the temple just a few weeks ago with Justin and his family. She text me when she came out and told me how nice it was. As all of us will miss her each day, especially her family, remember that as we stay close to the Lord, he will put his arms around us and give us peace and comfort. This really is just part of the big plan. Angie is my hero and I will live my life better because of her. Cancer didn’t win her battle because her fighting spirit is now in us all. Family and the gospel are what matter most and Angie showed us that. I know if she were here now, she would tell us all that Heavenly Father loves each one of you and is aware of your pain and sorrows. Stay close to him and he will help you through this life. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.