Just some photos to remind everyone to spend time with your beautiful friends and family. I wish I had more photos of ALL the amazing people in my life. Truly Blessed.



Happy Halloween. Enjoy this fun day with your family and choose some treats made with wholesome ingredients and not any on this list.

I am making a new goal to write on my blog again. It has been hard since we have lost my sister Angie to cancer, but I still want to share, post, and together get rid of all the toxins and food that we are poisening ourselves and loved ones with. It takes a village and we need to all work together. I am learning important lessons from losing someone I loved so much. One of them is spending more quality time with my husband, kid, family, and friends. My computer is so backed up and out of memory that it has been hard to download anything, but I will hopefully be fixing all that in the next month. For now, I will post some really important articles or write some post and if you like video, follow me on Facebook, Instagram @the_healthmama, and Periscope. I am still posting little videos on those sites because I can go straight from my phone. Thank you all for being patient.

In the meantime, please click on this link and just look at these foods. Even though the United States is more worried about making money than our well-being, we can take charge of our own family and stop eating these foods.

Click here: 10 Banned Foods