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March 2016



I got amazing new tonight from a friend that has been struggling with infertility. She came to my retreat and was determined to get her health back in order with food and not hormones and medications. She did the work, and she just found out she is pregnant. This photo was just taken on our trip to San Diego not long ago with my family. As I look as my four kids, I realize how lucky and blessed I have been to have my children. It is something that we can so easily take for granted when so many are not struggling with this issue. I just want to offer hope to those that are struggling. Getting you hormones balanced, giving your liver a break from toxins, and rebuilding your bodies, especially the gut, can help to get everything working how it should again.

I struggled a few years ago, after being Vegan for a few years, with no periods. I had seen three different doctors who wanted to put me on medications from Metformin, to birth control, to thyroxin. I realized that my body was trying to tell me something. I started to research, study, and be open minded. One of the best books I read was “The better baby book” by Lana and Dave Asprey. I wasn’t trying to get pregnant, but knew it was all related so I read that book and started to realize how important organic grass-fed saturated animal fats, pastured egg yolks and toxin-free foods were in a diet. I started to add those back into my diet, stop chronic cardio workouts, eliminate toxins from my beauty routine, and start to do yoga, meditation, and work on my sleep. I got my period back within months and it has been regular since as long as I take care of myself. You have to look at the toxic load your taking in and on your body everyday. You need to look at your adrenal health and your workout schedule. You need to look at how many chemicals your putting on your body that can disrupt estrogen. There are a ton of factors that went into getting my hormones back in check. We have been working on healing our guts using the GAPS diet, probiotic foods to re-populate the good bacteria, adding supplementation and drinking bone broth almost everyday. We already had the veggies and greens as part of our every meal routine, the healthy fats was a big part that was missing. I also have read the “Iodine Crisis” which I would recommend to anyone struggling with breast cancer, tumors, PCOS, and other hormonal issues.

There is definitely hope and I believe that you can totally help your body to heal. Here is a few key recommendations.

  1. Start eating wild salmon, organic grass fed meats, organ meats or desiccated liver supplements, on a daily basis.
  2. Eat organic pastured eggs, leaving the yolks runny or raw if your throwing them in your smoothie or homemade ice cream. Tryptophan, selenium, iodine, phosphorus, riboflavin, choline, folate, lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamin D, and lot of good protein and fats are just a few reasons to eat healthy eggs. Most of the nutrients are in the yolk, so no more egg white omelets.
  3. Eat good quality coconut oil, grass-fed butter or ghee, and good quality olive oil (not cooked, just raw like in salad dressings. Eat avocados any chance you can or even in your smoothies or chocolate avocado pudding.
  4. Look at the GAPS diet and follow their guidelines for what foods heal the gut lining and what foods destroy it. Eliminate gluten from your diet and start to repopulate the gut with probiotic foods and supplements
  5. Stop using plastic, especially to warm up your food. Try and avoid the microwave as much as possible and just heat things up on your stove.
  6. Start cooking at home, most restaurants use toxic oils, sugars, and cheap meat and ingredients so make eating out more of a rare occasion.
  7. Try and eliminate sugar, soda, and processed foods from your diet.
  8. Don’t overdo long hours of cardio. Do burst training workouts that are shorter and more intense a few times a week. Walk and do yoga more and try and meditate and relax.
  9. Work on sleeping well overnight. Read Shaun Stevenson’s new book on sleep and follow all his guidelines.
  10. Try not too stress. Meditate, go outside more, use essential oils for healing and support. Supplement with whole food nutrition supplements and superfoods.

We could honestly go on for hours, but really I am just feeling so grateful for my sweet new friend and her joy in finding out she is pregnant. What a gift we are all given to have the ability to feed ourselves with the foods that can actually heal ourself. All disease begins in the gut and let food be thy medicine. These are words to live by.


Toxic Free Skincare




Here is a photo of me and my cute husband. I am a little shiny in this photo because we are in Cancun but I picked this photo so you could hopefully see my skin. I don’t have any foundation or cover up on my skin. I just have my lashes on and a little eye liner and lipstick. I just want you to know that I don’t have perfect skin, but I do get a lot of compliments on it. I still get surprised when I do because I went through years of antibiotics for acne, including Acutaine when I was 19. I wish I could go back and do that all over again. I used all kinds of toxic face crap and lots of foundation to cover up my blemishes and scars. I had no idea that it really starts with what you feed yourself. My skin has actually gotten better over the years and looks better than it did 10 years ago, even though I am 10 years older. It is definitely not perfect and I still have insecurities about wrinkles and my smile lines, but I am learning that healthy fats and an iodine supplement are both helping me with some of those fine lines. I know aging is something we just have to accept, but I want it to happen as slowly as possible!

Almost 100% of the time I don’t wear any foundation, except a little under my eyes to brighten up my skin, then a little mineral make up on my eyes and maybe some lipstick. Most days I just have my eyelash extension on, and that is it. So, is it perfect? Nope! They use a glue that isn’t totally clean to attach the eyelash extensions. I have switched almost everything over, but still have a few items that I love the color but it’s not clean so I just don’t use it that often. You just take it one step at a time. I am not asking all of us to be complete hippies and not wear any make up or wash our hair ever. So, how do we keep all the toxins out of our daily routine and still feel pretty? Is there an alternative for the same product that is clean? There are so many wonderful brands out there now that are clean and luxurious and really beautiful. I am still exploring some myself. Most of my make up is mineral make up, but i would love to try some of the other brands I have seen on-line. One area that we can really save ourselves is on our skin care and routine with daily washing and caring for our face and body. This is one areas that I have down and can completely go toxin free here. I am still working on my make up, but have almost found everything I love in a cleaner version. I just have to find a few colors I love in lipsticks and then I thin I am set. Now to our skin care!

Here is my recommendations:

Don’t use any kind of hard soaps when cleaning your body or face. All you need to do is wash your pits and bits when you shower and bath. A great way to clean is just to use a hot washcloths and some jojoba, avocado, or olive oil and oil cleanse those areas. Also, coconut oil works wonderful because it is antibacterial and anti fungal. You can put the coconut oil right on the areas and then use your washcloths to gentle wash the oil off and the dirtiness with come with it. This is how I always wash my face. I usually use coconut oil, straight out of the jar, rub all over my face and then use a hot washcloth and set it on my face for 10 seconds, then slowly remove the oil with the cloth. It feels awesome. Then I add some avocado or jojoba oil and essential oils on my face to moisturize. Don’t waste money on cleaners and moisturizers. Save that money for organic produce and meats.
Less is more! Just use a small amount of make up or none at all when your just cleaning your home and working in the yard. It is wonderful to feel pretty everyday, but save your skin for the nights your going out on the town and then look into clean brands to replace the make up you love. I have found that just using essential oils on my skin, makes me feel great. Take a deep couple of breaths of the oil before you place it on your body and then get dressed and do your hair well enough that you feel great and can accomplish what you need too for the day. Your skin will have way less breakouts and even your skin tone will even out when you can let it breath and not clog your pores with makeup. I actually think that less make up is more attractive than too much. I like the natural look and like to see the real beauty in women. We all need to find that balance for yourself so you can feel good about yourself everyday.
Stop using any perfumes! This is the worst. No more perfumes or body sprays please. Just use essential oils and mix them with some jojoba or avocado oil and rub on your wrists, or behind your ears. I love the Ameo oils but any high quality essential oil will work great. You also get therapeutic benefits from so many oils once you start learning about them. They are a staple in our home and have replaces almost everything that used to be in our medicine cabinet.
Stop using regular deodorant! Either make your own, which I will share a recipe with you, or buy a clean brand that doesn’t have any toxic ingredients in it like aluminum. You can even just use coconut oil and baking soda and add a few drops of lavender if you want. Your lymph nodes in your arm pits are connected with breast cancer rates. This is an area you do not want to add harmful substances on your skin.
I think this is a good place to start. Find your real inner beauty and embrace it! The ironic part is that I think you get more beautiful truly when you start doing these things. The skin becomes clearer, brighter, and glows. What you feed your body is so important but don’t forget that our skin in our biggest organ and absorbs everything we put on it. How do you think Nicotine Patches work???

These are the two recipes I like:

Homemade Deodorant with Shea Butter


3 T Coconut Oil
3 T Baking Soda
2 T Shea Butter
2 T Arrowroot (optional) or organic cornstarch
Essential Oils (optional)


Combine in a quart size glass mason jar with a lid instead and place this in a small saucepan of water until melted. This will save your bowl and you can just designate this jar for these type of projects and not even need to wash it out… This can also be done in the microwave if you have one.
Remove from heat and add baking soda and arrowroot (If you don’t have arrowroot, use more baking soda or just omit)
Mix well
Add essential oils and pour into a glass container for storage. It does not need to be stored in the fridge.
If you prefer, you can let it cool completely and put into an old deodorant stick for easier use, though it may melt in the summer!
NOTE: It may take several hours to completely harden and this process can be sped up by putting in the fridge for a few minutes.

If you don’t have all those ingredients around, or don’t want to wash a double boiler, this recipe is faster and easier:

Coconut Oil Homemade Deodorant Recipe


6 T coconut oil
1/4 cup (4 T) baking soda
1/4 cup (4 T) arrowroot or organic cornstarch
essential oils (optional)

Mix baking soda and arrowroot together in a medium sized bowl.
Mash in coconut oil with a fork until well mixed.
Add oils if desired.
Store in small glass jar or old deodorant container for easy use.
Why Use Natural Deodorant?

Start to just replace one thing at a time. Don’t get overwhelmed, but do try and do this. You might be working so hard to eat right but if your putting toxins all over your body, then your still getting them everyday and it might be what is messing up your hormones, gut, sleep, fertility, ect. I hope this all helps a little. Take care you all and I hope to blog more now. I have missed sharing with all of you!!

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